Destra Garcia no longer the Queen of Bacchanal?

We all know her as the Queen of Bacchanal, but over the next few weeks we’re pretty sure that
Destra Garcia will soon be known as the Queen of Talk, as her recently launched show creates a buzz
among her fans.

Destra has often been publicly chastised for talking too much while performing on stage. Now on
the screen, Destra has full permission to talk about what she wants, when she wants, much to the
delight of her fans.

The Queen is now showing off a side that her fans have never seen before.

She’s even more fun, fierce and fabulous in this role, with her crazy challenges and engaging
conversations. But it’s her refreshing authenticity that’s the secret sauce. Destra’s definitely dishing
out an entertaining show that her fans are eagerly lapping up.

While we might naturally think that the COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for this branching out of
talent, the singer admits that the show was already in the works for some months before the
confirmed and projected effects on the local entertainment market.

The Destra Show is the latest live talk show out of Trinidad and Tobago, from the WESN – Content
Capital’s studio. Airing via livestream and various cable channels, Destra channels her infectious
personality to the set and her guests, creating an undeniable spark. The show’s range of topics
features celebrities, entertainers and business owners and covers pop culture, burning social issues
and trending topics.

Recorded episodes of the Destra Show are also available for viewing on the YouTube channel with
the first three shows already posted. If fans miss the livestream on weekdays from 1:00 to 2:00 pm,
they can catch them there.

We might just have to call her the Queen of Timing too. Without a physical carnival or events in
Trinidad and Tobago for 2021, Destra’s fans will certainly not be pining for her presence as she builds
her personality on the screen and continues her well-known and loved brand on the airwaves.

For a veteran in the soca industry, Destra is clearly enjoying a season of firsts. In addition to hosting
her first talk show, she’s also currently featured in her first soca parang with Rome, ‘Lie, Lie Lie.’

A big hit for the season, maybe due to the catchy rhythm or the questionable content. Destra has
once again brought her unique flavour to this collaboration that may very well be on the nation’s lips
well past Christmas.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely forced many changes to the industry, we can agree that
artists are stepping up and into new avenues which allow them to connect with their fans in
alternative and intimate ways.

If you’re looking to catch The Destra Show, check out the livestream Monday to Friday, from 1:00pm
to 2:00 pm on If you’re in Trinidad & Tobago, you can also view on cable
stations: Greendot – 7 Amplia – 118 Airlink – 17 Bmobile – 107 Digicel – 21 FLOW – 110